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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jimmy turns 3!!! and the rest of January

Jimmy turned 3 on January 8th!
I still can't believe he is 3 years old. It's so crazy how fast time flies. Especially when I think about how we moved to San Clemente when I was pregnant with him!
For his birthday we went to Sea World and had such a good time! I kind of fell in love with the place. It's not crowded at all and the walkways are so open (so unlike Disneyland). They have tons of sea life to see and great shows! We had Phils Bbq after on our way home. 

We had a little family party for him and my sister Becca made him a green cake as he requested. He got a few paw patrol cars and mickey and roadster racers cars. And a school bus! Wheels on the bus is his favorite song!
On Jimmy's actual Birthday my mom took him to Disneyland with Aunt Becca and Ray! That kid is so lucky he has no idea!

Here are some Jimmy Facts....

-loves all dairy: YOGURT every morning, string cheese, chocolate milk
-wears glasses due to astigmatism in his right eye. 
-goes to Speech Therapy School called Language Builders every Monday Wednesday
-has preschool on Tuesdays
-favorite meal is a kids meal from Chick fil A
-loves his fries
-Will just eat the meat and cheese when he has a cheeseburger
-still runs away at the beach (hence why we never go without dad)
-Such a great swimmer!
-always steals sips of Diet Cokes
-such a cuddler when you read him books at night
-gives the best kisses
-such a tough brother since Chase likes to beat up on him
-Dog-lover. Carl is his best friend.

I kind of love this picture. Chase took it of me while I was putting Jimmy in his carseat after picking him up from school 

sano saturdays

Balboa Island for MLK Day!

Casey's Parents came into town and we went to Disneyland! We tricked Chase into going on Big Thunder Mountain and he loved it!

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Christmas 2017

I can't believe it is already February! Wow. Ok so Christmas this last year was pretty great. Having a newborn around made it extra magical. And I loved that we just stayed home! Waking up in your own house with your kids is the best!

We went up to La Canada the Saturday before Christmas to for the Anderson Cousin Party and Annual Girls breakfast with grandma. Its pretty fun to be around my cousins and all their kids. The boys were part of the natvity. Auggie was Baby Jesus, Jimmy was the Cow and Chase was the Star again!

Christmas Eve we had Chinese takeout at my house and Becca made sugar cookies for the boys to give to Santa. They loved it! In the morning my parents, Becca, Kenze and Chad come over to open presents and have breakfast. The boys went surfing after and Kenzie and I did a workout in the backyard. 

Later on Christmas we decided to just head up to Ventura. It was so beautiful up there!!!

 Savvy's First Birthday!

 Sherman Gardens LIghts!

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