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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

BIRTH STORY: Jimmy Craig Kirkland born January 8, 2015 at 1:13 pm

As of the Sunday prior, I was totally off all medications to keep me pregnant and 37 weeks pregnant (full-term!).  I thought I was going to go into labor on Wednesday morning. I woke up early with contractions and started timing them but then by the time I got up and ate breakfast they went away. So Chase and I headed to the beach with some friends. No labor.

That night Casey said I was tossing and turning and making noises all night but I never really woke up until 5am in pain. I started timing the contractions and they were every 5 minutes for a solid two hours. I thought I should get up and drink some water and eat breakfast then see what happens. 

Well the contractions didn't get better but they weren't really worse. When they came I had to stop walking and brace myself. So they were pretty painful.  I got ready, finished packing my hospital bag, called my cousin Julianne so we could drop off Chase, and I got Chase dressed. Casey took his time eating his cereal and we hopped in the car to drop off Chase. 

At this point the contractions were still every 5-8 minutes and pretty painful, especially in my back. We had no traffic heading to the hospital which was nice because it was around 9am. Casey dropped me off by the ER and I waited for him to park. I could still walk through my contractions but they were coming regularly. I seriously thought that there was a chance we could be sent home because they didn't hurt as much as they did when I was laying in bed earlier. 

We got up to the L&D floor (which is the most awkward conversation ever when you have to pick up the phone and tell them you are in labor so can they please open the door). We walked to the front desk and they sent us to a birthing suite. By this time it was 10 am. Our nurse followed us in and had me change into a gown. She hooked me up to all the monitors and then asked me about my pain. 

I told her it was at an 8/10 when the contractions came. She didn't believe me and told me that a 10 is the worst pain ever. Hello lady...I'm a nurse, I know that!! She kinda bugged. She said "well, you shouldn't be able to talk through your contractions, let me check your cervix...". So she checked me in the middle of a contraction which freakin hurt so bad. Then she was kinda shocked and asked me how dilated I thought I was....I had no idea. She said well you are at a 7!!! Thank you, that's why my pain was 8/10. 

She started to work a little faster at that point. I told her I was Group-B strep positive so I needed antibiotics for 4 hours prior to delivery. She immediately got an IV going to give me fluids and antibiotics. Meanwhile the contractions were getting closer like every 2-3 minutes and were hurting SO BAD!! 

The anesthesiologist then came in to give me my epidural. By this time I was in tears because the contractions hurt so bad. I don't remember them being this bad with Chase. I never was to the point where I was crying at least. I probably had the epidural a little faster with Chase. He had me sit indian style on the bed and he tried to give me the epidural in between contractions but they were like every 2 minutes so it was kind of impossible. Once he got it in he gave me a bolus and I immediately felt a little better. I could still feel the pressure of the contractions but they weren't super painful. 

By this time my mom had made it down to the hospital. It was probably around noon. I think my nurse checked me again and I was at a 9. I had to switch sides because the baby's heart rate was dropping with each contraction. My doctor came in the room and he checked me. My water had still not broken--which was a good thing because there would be less chance of infection for the baby. Meanwhile the contractions were starting to hurt even though I had an epidural. I was fully dilated at this point. 

The nurse had me switch sides again and told my doctor that she wanted to wait for me to push till she could give me the 2nd dose of antibiotics. But the baby's heart rate kept dropping with each contraction. My doctor told her that I needed to start pushing ASAP. He said the cord was probably around his neck. 

So we had my mom leave the room. My doctor broke my water and I started pushing! I kind of forgot how to push so they had to teach me haha. My nurse told me to tuck my chin and pretend like I was doing crunches. Seriously that was her only good advice she gave me! I probably only pushed 3 times and Jimmy's head was almost out. The cord was around his neck :( Which my doctor just unwrapped and on the next push he pulled him out! 

There was another nurse (who I loved) that was just in charge of Jimmy. Casey got to cut the umbilical cord. The nurse cleaned Jimmy off with a towel and immediately put him on my chest so we could do skin to skin. I never got to experience this with Chase because he was early. They had the NICU team in the room an immediately took him away from me- I saw him like an hour later. It was the worst! This was such a different (better) experience!

Once my doctor was done stitching me up (sorry for the gross detail) everyone left the room so it was just Casey, Me and the baby for a whole hour! I was able to breastfeed baby Jimmy and just hold him. It was so relaxing! I was shocked how he just latched on and how natural it was for him. 

After our hour was up my mom came in the room and the nurse came back to weigh and bathe the baby. His blood sugar was a little low so they had to give him some formula and have him sit under the incubator lights. Once he was totally stable we made our way to the Postpartum room. Me in the wheelchair. Jimmy in the bassinet. They never once separated us.

I really liked the postpartum rooms. They were a lot roomier than the ones in Utah. Later that afternoon Casey went home to get Chase who was with his mom. His parents just happened to be visiting and I had Jimmy right before they drove back to Utah! Casey and his mom brought Chase to see Jimmy and he was so excited!! The first thing he said was "kiss kiss". He wanted to hug and kiss him so much! We had to teach him to just kiss his head :)

So that is my birth story! Night and day difference from Chase's birth. Things were a lot smoother. Jimmy was almost exactly 1 lb heavier than Chase and he was 2 weeks and 4 days later which I think made a big difference. We are adjusting somewhat smoothly to life with two! The baby is definitely the easier one right now.
I feel so blessed to be surrounded by my boys! I love being a mom so much and wouldn't have it any other way! It's the best job I could have ever asked for :)

James Craig Kirkland
6lbs 12 ounces
18.5 inches
born 1/8/2015
1:13 pm

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Our Last Moments of December 2014!

I can't believe how fast December flew by!
It's crazy that it is already January 2015! And we are still waiting for this baby to come. 
I will be 37 weeks on Sunday. To be honest, I did not think I was going to make it this far. But that's a good thing I did:)

Here are some pictures of our last moments of December...what we have been up to and some of our Christmas festivities. 
Lots of pictures of my little love Chase. I'm soaking up our time together before baby brother gets here!

 Ugly Sweater Party!

 Dana Point Lights!
 in our Christmas Sunday best!

 Celebrating Casey hitting his QUOTA! 

 Christmas Eve Mexican Food with my family. 
They all came down to San Clemente to spend the night with us since we could not go up to LA!
They really are the best. 

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