Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

california here we come.

mercedes I am copying your blog because when I saw it I got really excited about all the things we are going to do over the break. Here are the things I am getting antsy for

1. see my FAMILY. I have not seen Chad or Mac since August

2. go SURFING... malibu is my favorite

3. go to VENTURA

4. Americana. If you have ever been to the Grove in LA this was designed by the same guy. So amazing. Their movie theater is so nice. and they have a fountain with a water show!

5. Blue Fish. they have the best sushi! i crave it.

6. Old Town, Pasadena. I never truly appreciated California till I realized Utah lacks places like this one (I am not a Utah hater at all, just pointing this out). We recently went to DC and Georgetown reminded me of Old Town. We would seriously go here at least once a week in high school. I miss it.

7. Delivering Christmas gifts in the jeep w/ Becca. THis is a tradition we have been carrying out for years. We pack the jeep to the top with gifts for family friends and on Christmas eve we drop them off blasting Christmas music.