Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This year we were able to go to my hometown of La Canada, CA for Memorial Day. It was Chase's first trip to California (and first plane ride) so we were extra excited! We had a great time hanging out with lots of family. My cousin Scotty and his wife were able to come down from Sacramento and spend the weekend with us. We were nonstop doing things! We went to two Dodger games, surfed at Malibu, Casey golfed, lots of walks, donuts and too much good food. We also had a baby shower for Chase. We had one planned in february but I was put on bed rest so we had to cancel it :( This way everyone got to see him! He was so tired after. On Memorial Day we went to the parade with cousins and then had a bbq. It was a perfect weekend! I wish we could've stayed longer. I even considered changing my flight home. (I decided I didn't want to fly alone with Chase). 

I love the trees in La Canada!

loving the LA traffic

Chase finally met his great-grandma Alma! He was super excited

My first time back in the water since having baby Chase!! I got kind of frustrated at first but then got the hang of it. 

We had a Baby Open House for Chase! His real shower didn't get to happen because I was put on bed rest. These lovely ladies threw it for me! Thank you so much! 

The first dodger game!

 The Memorial Day parade!

 The 2nd Dodger game of the trip! No baby this time :(

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

St. George and Zion National Park

This last weekend Casey and I took a little weekend getaway. We met up with a bunch of friends in St George, Utah. We spent the day at the pool while the boys golfed. I have never stayed in St. George- only driven through. So it was kind of nice to see what it is all about. The weather was perfect. It is
crazy how all of a sudden it seems like almost all our friends have kids! We are definitely re-populating this earth haha.  Sunday was Mother's Day and all I really wanted to do was to go to Zion National Park. Casey and I have both never been and it is only a couple hours away from where we live! We aren't very good at taking advantage of Utah. It was so cool! Such a beautiful place. And very accessible even with a baby. They have tons of hikes/walks that have paved paths. So we were able to bring the stroller with Chase. The Europeans loved baby Chase. He was a hit! He doesn't get much attention in Utah because babies are everywhere! I'm excited to take him to California next and see what happens haha. Here are some pictures of the trip. I am so mad that I did not bring my good camera :(

 the boys with the babies

 The heat made Chase extra tired

 How have I never been here?!?!!

 waving for the pic

Monday, May 6, 2013

It's tulip time!

If you are ever in Utah during spring time the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point is a necessary activity. Casey had never even been! So we went up with our friends Dale and Chelsey and their little girl Summer. We know Chase is a little to young to enjoy these type of activities but it is still fun to just get out and enjoy all the great things Utah has to offer :)

Seriously? I feel like this could be a garden of a castle in Europe. 
nope it's just good ol Utah

Chase has not really learned how to smile yet...