Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Home Video: Girls Trip to NYC September 2016

I finally got around to making this movie from my sisters girls trip to New York in September. It was such a fun trip and I'm glad I made this to remember the memories!
Thanks Mom for the best trip ever!

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Friday, December 23, 2016

CHRISTMAS Cards 2016!

This year for our cards we had pictures taken while visiting Utah in October and I LOVE how they turned out. Even though we only got 1-2 pictures of us all looking normal we got lots of good candids especially of the boys. The Fall scenery in Utah is my favorite.  I love having pictures done even though it is so stressful it is always worth it in the end!

We ordered our Christmas cards this year though Tiny Prints and I am in love with them!
They are seriously my favorite cards to date. I love the gilded gold look and the curved edges. I barely got them out in time since I sent out so many this year! 

It has been a super stressful time for us these last few weeks with Casey trying to hit his sales quota. And now that he has work off we are just going to enjoy the next few days!


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Babysitting Cousins and College Roomies Reunion in AZ!

In the beginning of November Casey and I babysat my cousins kids while they went on a trip to Hawaii. 
We babysat for them last year and it was so fun we said yes again!
 They have 4 kids ages 9-18 so they are at really fun ages! The oldest drives so that makes it a lot easier for me. I don't have to take the older two to school or seminary. 
And the little girls didn't have school one day so we went to the LA Zoo! It was so nice to have two little helpers. They had a dinosaur exhibit and Jimmy was terrified.
 But he loved the giraffes and gorillas.

The next weekend I had my annual college roomies trip!
We started doing this last year and are going to try to make it a yearly thing. 
We decided to go to Arizona since most girls live there or close by. And a lot of them have family in AZ so they decided to extend their trips to stay with family. 
We stayed at my friend Allison's parents house since they were out of town. We spent most of the time chatting late into the night, going out to eat and of course shopping. Last Chance is the best store ever in Arizona. It's basically a thrift store for Nordstroms and has the best shoes. 
Even though I came late to the trip it was so nice to spend quality times with longtime friends!
Hopefully we keep these annual trips happening!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Halloween & October Activities 2016

I still can't believe it is already December! It feels like Halloween just happened!
The month of October was super busy for us since we went to Utah in the beginning.
The rest of the month we did lots of Halloween activities:

-Disneyland on actual Halloween! and it was not even crowded!
-Baby Shower in La Canada for my brother's wife Ray
-Casey's sister Kelly and her family visited and we went up to the condo in Ventura for the weekend
-Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch with friends
-Pumpkin City and Cafe Rio for family night. Jimmy LOVED the rides
-Ward Trunk-or-treat
-Jimmy was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and Chase was Rex the Dinosaur
-Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with my parents, sister and friends!

My beautiful sister-in-law Ray's baby shower!! We can't wait for January to meet her little girl!

Cookie decorating pajama party!

Ventura with Casey's Sisters Family

Pumpkin City Family Night!

Jolly Holiday Bakery treats at Disneyland are the BEST

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