Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

california here we come.

mercedes I am copying your blog because when I saw it I got really excited about all the things we are going to do over the break. Here are the things I am getting antsy for

1. see my FAMILY. I have not seen Chad or Mac since August

2. go SURFING... malibu is my favorite

3. go to VENTURA

4. Americana. If you have ever been to the Grove in LA this was designed by the same guy. So amazing. Their movie theater is so nice. and they have a fountain with a water show!

5. Blue Fish. they have the best sushi! i crave it.

6. Old Town, Pasadena. I never truly appreciated California till I realized Utah lacks places like this one (I am not a Utah hater at all, just pointing this out). We recently went to DC and Georgetown reminded me of Old Town. We would seriously go here at least once a week in high school. I miss it.

7. Delivering Christmas gifts in the jeep w/ Becca. THis is a tradition we have been carrying out for years. We pack the jeep to the top with gifts for family friends and on Christmas eve we drop them off blasting Christmas music.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the killaaaazzzzzzz

So friday was a rough day for me. I had this nursing school entrance exam that I have been studying for/stressing over all month. I ended up doing a lot better than I thought and I was soooo relieved to finally have nursing application stuff done ! I called Casey and told him and brought up the idea that we should go to the Killers on Saturday instead of the football game. He said "no", obviously. . . so I was kind of bummed cause a part of me thought that I deserved a treat for doing so well on my test. So later that evening when I went home to greet Casey he told me he had a surprise for me under this box...I lifted up the box, and there were two tickets to the concert!!! wooooo wooooo. Go Casey, best husband ever !!!

a brief update.

So Casey and I have been absent from blogging for a while. I just find it so hard to keep up with all the fellow marvelous bloggers. I feel like blogging is some kind of a commitment. If you are going to do it, you must do it right. And I am really failing in that department. So here is a update...most of you probably some of these pictures on facebook. But in August we went to Hawaii with my family. We stayed at this house on Sunset Beach, one of my favorite places in the world !

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

welcome to the world of biking

So Casey's birthday is coming up and we are putting together a fund to get him a road bike so he can look like this ! yay yay Lance. And it would be a great bonding activity we could do together since I already have a bike. Road biking is huge in Utah. If anyone decides to join the club let us know and we will ride wit you...:)-Nelly

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sunshine playlist.

break me out. . . . . the rescues
i'd rather be with you. . . . . joshua radin
the climb. . . . . miley cyrus (love it)
a-punk. . . . . vampire weekend
pretty young thing. . . . . michael jackson (RIP)
haiti. . . . .the arcade fire
sorry signs on cash machines. . . . .mason jennings
ride wit me. . . . . nelly
major tom. . . . . shiny toy guns
coconut skins. . . . . damien rice
the way i loved you. . . . . taylor swift

by: Ash A. K.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

summertime and the livin's easy. . .

4th of July in Island Park !

all the girlies

Case and I on a boat ride

biking Sawtelle mtn.

yeahhhhh alpine slides. so fun!

I look like a don't belong in this picture. ahah

kelly clarkson concert. Ben performed !! woo woo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

summer movie guide

If anyone knows me well enough they know that I live for movies. I watch trailers for fun online and I have often gone to movies by myself (usually matinees). I don't know what it is but I just love that with movies you can escape from the world for an hour or two hours; laugh, and/or cry and just forget about the real world. So I have been doing some movie trailer research and I think these are the gems of the summer!

My Sister's Keeper- June 26. This is based on the novel by Jodi Picolt, I have not read it but I cry every time I see the preview and I think it's been about 5 times now. It's about a young girl, conceived to provide a donor match for her leukemia-stricken older sister, seeks to earn medical emancipation from her parents.

HARRY POTTER and the Half-Blood Prince-July 15. Once a Harry Potter fan, always a Harry Potter fan. All you other HP fans will understand my loyalty. I'm for sure going to the midnight showing like I have for all the other movies. Becca is coming in town ! woo woo

Transformers 2- June 24. I just loved the first one so I am hoping the second one will be just as good. Plus Megan Fox is hot and I like Shia. This ones about how they return to join with the Autobots' battle against the evil Decepticons...whatever that will mean.

The Time Traveler's Wife- August 14. I have not read this book but I will for sure before I see it. It looks soooo goood! I just love Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana isn't too bad. So click here to watch the trailer.

So that's it! oh and there is Public Enemies. Based on a true story... Johnny Depp stars as notorious depression-era gangster John Dillinger, whose charismatic crime spree made him a folk hero to the masses. Click here to watch the trailer

Monday, June 1, 2009

al pal and sammy are getting married !

So Allison Heyman just got engaged to Samuel Nielsen !! and I had the wondrous honor of taking some pictures for them. I'm so glad they are joining the club of young marrieds. Anyways, I used to do photography in high school and totally forgot how much I love it. If anybody wants to model for me just let me know.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

cashley goes to CALIFORNIA !

casey LOVES dodger dogs

eating spuderitos.

my twin.

papi trying to push me off

GRANDPA ! cutie.


ohh there we go..he just needed some shades.

Case and I took a wonderful journey to La Canada, CA this past memorial day weekend to hang out with my family. It was a weekend full of surfing for me and golfing for Case. (he went surfing once). We went to the Dodger game with my parents but too bad they lost against the Angels. Oh well, it was still fun to chow dodger dogs and sing/yell "take me out to the ball game". On Sunday we visited Alma (Case's gma) and then we had Grandma dinner up on the hill with the Andersons. And to end it, on Memorial day we went to the parade in the morning and then the bbq party at our house! So much fun. My favorite part was the surfing and being with my fam.