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Monday, November 24, 2014

Pregnany, Body Image and Not Being Allowed to Exercise

APRIL 2014
and NOVEMBER 2014 (29 weeks Prego)

People say that the second pregnancy goes by faster than the first but for some reason that has not been the case with me. I think it might be due to the fact that I was working full-time the first time. Even though I was on bed rest for six weeks it didn't seem to go by that slow. This time I have had so much going on but also a lot not going on. We found out I was pregnant, then we moved to California and ever since I've been here I feel like time has stood still! I'm not allowed to really work and exercise (not even walk up a hill). So basically I just take care of my energy-filled toddler Chase everyday and try to keep my house clean. 

I have days lately where I am depressed and in a funk for seriously no reason at all. I live at the beach in probably one of the coolest cities ever with awesome weather year-round. The only reason I can see why I get in these moods is my lack of exercise (and maybe my high dose injection of Progesterone I receive weekly in my bum). 

For me exercise is my stress reliever. I also did it so I could kind of eat what I want on occasion. Pre-pregnancy I would workout 4-5 days a week. Whether it was Xtend Barre Classes in Utah, going on a hike/walk or doing at home DVDs (jillian michaels/tracy anderson). I was not super skinny or toned by any means but I just FELT BETTER. I loved the way exercise made me feel. I had more energy, I was happier and I overall felt better about my body. Exercise is definitely the one thing I am missing right now in my life. 

Which leads me to body image. I think most of us girls struggle with this. I have gained more weight this time around than with Chase. The difference this time is that I literally can not do anything about it except try to eat healthy. And let's face it, who has the willpower to do that when you are pregnant!?!?! I tried a couple weeks ago and I actually did cut out refined carbs/sugar for a whole six days! Then I thought what is the point of this? I gain weight no matter what. 

Most pregnant women can walk or do yoga to keep their bodies somewhat toned. I am not supposed to do anything but relax. I know that may sound really appealing but it is also hard to watch my muscles all fade away and turn to cellulite. The only thing I have found that has helped me is to PRAY. and remember what a miracle pregnancy is. 

I do this daily. I pray at night and almost every morning. I thank Heavenly Father for the chance I have to have another baby. For the opportunity to be a Mother. I thank him for a healthy growing baby inside of me. I think of all the things that could be going wrong and remember that things are really not as bad as they seem. 

I try to remember that my body is a vessel. I have been given the responsibility to grow this little baby. With the day to day chaos I tend to forget this. But then I feel this little baby boy kick and I remember how cool it is to grow a tiny human inside of me! This is for sure the BEST thing about being pregnant. 

I am not perfect though. And I will admit that I probably find myself more often than not comparing my "normal" pregnant body to those skinny faces, arms and legs of those freak pregnant girls that only get a bump. I have to tell myself that is not realistic for me. Everyone is different. I remind myself of how blessed I am to even be able to HAVE A BABY! Chase is the greatest blessing I have ever received and I can't believe that I get to do it again. 

So here's to having healthy babies and gaining healthy pregnancy weight! 
I already have a post-pregancy workout regimen planned for February :) Until then you will probably find me eating donuts and drinking chocolate milk. 

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Babymooning in Palm Springs!

Last weekend Casey and I took a little getaway to Palm Desert. My mom and sister watched Chase for us and it was so nice! We drove up to La Canada the night before and left Friday morning. Casey golfed with his uncle who just happened to be there! I checked in early to the hotel and headed down to the pool. It was so nice to be at a pool without a toddler! I loved just laying out and having lunch by myself haha. That night we went to dinner and a movie. We hadn't gone to movie since we moved here! It's so hard with Chase. 

The next day we tried to sleep in :( and we spent the day at the pool, played mini golf and just relaxed. That night we went out to dinner again and were going to see another movie but we were too tired! I'm so glad we stayed two nights because one is not enough! Sunday we had the best brunch! I'm kind of obsessed with brunch. It's my favorite meal ever. Especially at cute little places. If you are ever in Palm Desert go to Clementine's for brunch--AMAZING. We headed home after that to make it to a mission farewell in La Canada. 

I'm so glad that this baby moon thing is so popular because it is so necessary especially when you have a crazy little toddler like Chase. Thanks Mom and Becca for watching Chase. I don't think he missed us at all :)

 We stayed at the JW Marriott- it has the coolest lobby!!

 tanning the belly !

 Clementine's Bakery and Cafe- best brunch! I had the eggs benedict YUM

 29 weeks!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween With ELMO

I'm not sure where the obsession with ELMO came from. Maybe it's because of Casey pretending to talk to Chase in an Elmo voice? So I decided to let Chase be Elmo this year. Surprisingly he was the only kid I saw dressed up like Elmo- way to be original Chase!

My parents come down and spent the day with us. Chase was a lot more into Halloween this year than last year. He somewhat got the concept of trick-or-treating and loved saying "bye bye" and "thank you" to every door he got candy from. It was so fun to see my Dad taking Chase door to door and watching him get excited each time. 

Earlier in the morning we met up with friends at the park and shared snacks and a little Halloween craft--that mainly the moms just did haha. Later for dinner my mom made her annual dinner in a pumpkin and then we headed out to trick-or-treat our neighborhood. We had no idea how popular it was to come to our little hood. There are tons of kids that live here in the first place and because its a culdasac there is not much car traffic. We finished the night off with a drive down Barcelona street in downtown San Clemente and some Baskin Robbins! It was a good 2nd Halloween for our little man Chase.

 bipolar toddler

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Toddler Chase: 20 Months Young!

This is just a little Chase update. I realized I made a video for when he turned 18 months but I didn't really do an update on what the crazy kid has been up to. I can't believe he is already 20 months in a  few days. That's only 4 months away from being TWO YEARS OLD! ahhh crazy. So here are some stats on my little man:

-He talks A LOT!
-Says "bye bye", "thank you, your welcome" to everyone we see
-Probably knows over 50 words. I started counting one day and gave up
-He can RUN pretty fast
-He can walk up and down one step, still crawls up the stairs
-loves stacking, organizing blocks
-loves to color and draw
-obsessed with Pumpkins right now
-Still loves cars, trucks, tractors, trains
-Most of all loves ELMO and SESAME STREET
-sleeps around 12 hours every night
-take one 3-4 hour nap a day (amazing)
-He loves his bed and hardly ever cries at bedtime
-He loves reading books! sometimes I will catch him sitting by himself flipping through them
-Favorite foods are milk, yogurt, vitamin gummys, berries, grapes, peas, pizza and quesadillas
-He loves to PLAY- and gets really excited about the park
-He is a VERY SOCIAL little guy
-He loves attention. The more people watching him the better

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