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Thursday, February 24, 2011

obsession: DONUTS

So I kind of have this weird obsession with Donuts. I don't know where it came from. NOT the store bought donuts or even the donuts they sell at the grocery store bakery...the donuts I like are the ones that come from the little hole in the wall donut joints. When I was a kid we would always get donuts, especially on the weekends. My dad would take us to this little Chinese Food/Donut Place (that's how they roll in California) named Chor's. They had the BEST donut holes ever. and then there was Fosters Donuts too. Throughout my high school years I never really enjoyed chowing down on a good wasn't seriously until this past year that I have come to welcome the Donut back into my life. SO while on this subject I would like to share some of my favorite joints.

We visited Thomas's while on Casey's business trip to Panama City Beach Florida. They had ammmazing blueberry cake donuts and red velvet!

These bad boys are from Oahu, HI. a little place called Leonards. My family (above) went to the actual cafe but they also have trucks that drive around the island selling "hot malasadas". They are like sugared donuts filled with different fillings like raspberry, chocolate or custard.

This is Case enjoying his favorite "crumb donut" from the Golden Donut Place in my hometown La Canada, CA. We visit this joint a couple times whenever we come home to visit.

DAYLIGHT Donuts. Now this is a local favorite right down the hill in Pleasant Grove, UT. Casey introduced me to this place. They have great chocolate cake donuts and raspberry bearclaws. Case and I have started a new tradition of getting donuts on Saturday morning and we either go here or Provo Bakery.

Leucadia Donut Shoppe is a little gem we found while on a family vaca in Carlsbad last summer. We had been surfing at Swami's and we were sooo hungry. It was still pretty early in the morning and donuts sounded fabulous. So my Dad's buddy Blake told us about this donut shop. They seriously had the most amazing chocolate cake donuts I have had in my entire life.

Last but not least. Provo Bakery. We went here last Saturday and it was yummy, just as expected. My favorite things to get are the glazed croissant and the raspberry fritter. Casey likes the glazed donut.

So there you go. I realize that this post makes me seem like a total fatty but oh well. I have an obsession. If I ever discover more donut gems I will keep you all posted!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vegas Baby!!!

This is a bit overdue....but I had the pictures and I figured I might as well do a post. In January we went to Las Vegas with Dale and Chelsea. It was nice to get away from the cold for the weekend. Casey's good friend Ben Truman's dad is in the band Diamond Rio and they were having a show in Vegas so we figured why not go? Ben and his girlfriend Sami were already there so we just met up with them for the show. It was a blast..I thought I didn't know many of their songs but I was surprised how many I knew. Vegas is always a fun time...I love that it's so close to good ol Utah.

Pink's HOTDOGS. There is one in Vegas. Sooo good.

My parents just happened to be in Vegas for the Donny Marie Show with a bunch of couples from their ward. We met up with them at Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolates.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

love her.

So I kind of have a girl crush on Natalie Portman. Ever since seeing her in Garden State I have made an effort to see every movie she is in. Some of my favorites are Closer, Star Wars (why not?), V for Vendetta and Where the Heart Is. So this brings me to her most recent film, THE BLACK SWAN. I want to see it sooo badly, especially since she is up for best actress this year for the Academy Awards. and It is supposed to be a phenomenal film. But there is a problem...I'm pretty sure I can not handle the lesbian sex scene. I've been told that it is quite graphic. There is just something about watching something like that that totally weirds me out.
Anyways, Natalie was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly a couple weeks ago (Case got me a subscription for Christmas) and here are a couple of her photos.
Love her.