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Thursday, March 26, 2009

ellen degeneres prank-HILARIOUS

I know a lot of you have already seen it but if you have not then you must watch!!
Ellen = my life lately.

Friday, March 20, 2009

website discoveries !

So, since I have been watching the news every morning now that I am married and officially am an adult, I have been learning so many new things. Like this morning they were talking about cheap trends. I would not call all these websites "cheap" shopping, but they are way cute and I did not even know that some exist. So here you go ! Spring shopping time !!

madewell: owned by jcrew- click here

newport news: I think victoria secret owns this one- click here

TOPSHOP: this is the cutest one by far- click here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My top 5

As promised here are my top 5 places to eat.
1. El Pollo Loco
What can say I'm a Kirkland. I grew up eating the crazy chicken in the ghettos of the LBC.
Downside- I eat it way too much
2. Hula Grill (Maui)
I've only eaten there once and it was on our honeymoon a month ago. The meal was phenom. I had some ma hi ma hi with rice pilaf. Best fish I've ever had. Not to mention we topped it all off right with this unbelievable brownie ice cream desert. I'm looking forward to going back!
Downside- Can't think of one
3. Blue Fish (La Canada)
They have a sushi burrito need I say more?!
Downside- I don't think it's a chain
4. Texas Road House
The rolls, the steak, and the atmosphere unbeatable.
Downside- the wait is always like two hours
5. Macaroni Grill
Might not be on the list for that long but they seem to deliver every time I go. Pasta Milano, Balsamic Chicken, Salmon, all solid dishes. Not to mention the delicious bread.

Honorable Mentions
Wahoo's Tacos

Remember this is just as of the moment. They are subject to change at anytime so stay posted

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gotta love MAN RAM !

YESS! Dodger finally agreed to a 2-year $45 million dollar deal with Man-Rammm!!! Granted, he can opt out after 1-year, but at least we finally got the deal finalized. Now we can focus on playing spring ball in our amazing new facility in AZ. I was getting worried this off season thinking it was not going to happen. Scott Boras and Manny were being greedy little suckers but finally Dodger upper management delivered (for once). I'm so excited that Casey and I can go to Dodger games this summer and wear our manny dreadlock hats!!

Ashley's Top 5 pastimes

Casey can't steal all the fire so I decided to make a list of my own:
1. Casey in Hawaii
2. surfing Malibu with my family and hopefully Casey when he can keep up someday
3. Dodger games and Dodger dogs with Becca.
4. Laying in the sun all day (preferably on the beach) with good music and friends
5. Going to movies

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Casey's Top 5 Pastimes

So you know how everyone always says "this is one of my favorite things to do" well I decided that I was going to list my top five favorite things to do. That way when someone mentions one I can say "OMG I love horseshoes in Lake Powell, in fact, it's one of my top five favorite things to do!" They will obviously respond in a smartallic way saying "what are the other four", and since I now have a list I can readily respond. So ready, get set, go here they are in no particular order. They are subject to change at anytime so stay posted
1. Playing horseshoes on the beach as the sun sets in Lake Powell
2. BYU vs. Utah Football games
3. Outdoor Dinning
4. Golfing on a crisp fall afternoon
5. Watching a ball game with friends and family as I fire up the BBQ

Honorable mentios which could shortly make its move into the list as the weather heats up
- Softball tournaments
- Watching baseball game spitting seeds and drinking a diet coke

Stay tuned next week for Casey's top five favorite restaurants