Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gotta love MAN RAM !

YESS! Dodger finally agreed to a 2-year $45 million dollar deal with Man-Rammm!!! Granted, he can opt out after 1-year, but at least we finally got the deal finalized. Now we can focus on playing spring ball in our amazing new facility in AZ. I was getting worried this off season thinking it was not going to happen. Scott Boras and Manny were being greedy little suckers but finally Dodger upper management delivered (for once). I'm so excited that Casey and I can go to Dodger games this summer and wear our manny dreadlock hats!!


  1. What a dream come true! My wife is amazing. She knows how to touch my heart. Great post honey!

  2. when i grow up and get married, i want to be like case and ash. that's all. nothing more.

  3. ha ha there is no way ash made that post

  4. haha, yeah i'm sure ashley let the a$$ word show up in this post.

  5. Yay you guys have a blog! I am so glad we found you, it's fun to keep up and see your adventures! I'm going to go add you asap!
    Hope life as newlyweds is nothing less than pure bliss!