Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Our Story

Casey and I met while attending Brigham Young University. What simply started as a spring fling ended up being a long distance relationship while I volunteered at an orphanage in Peru. Casey decided it was worth not dating anyone while I was gone. I came home and then flew up to Utah to visit Casey and his family. The next month he came to California to hang out with me. That fall school started and it didn't take long for Case to pop the question while hiking to Stewart Falls. We were married the following February on my little brother's birthday (and Abe Lincoln's) in the  LDS Los Angeles Temple. It has almost been 5 year! It took us almost 2 years for me to finally get pregnant. I went into pre-term labor when I was 29 weeks. Consequently I was put on bed rest for 6 weeks until my little boy decided to show up 5 weeks early! I guess he was super anxious to get here! Now as a family of three we are just living it up and enjoying our life together!