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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Disneyland, Visitors, Farewells, and Playschool

This is a little catch-up post. I recently started school online so I have been pretty busy (more on that in another post). 

We renewed our disney passes so we have been using them again! Chase is getting to be such a fun age for Disneyland! He loves it. We also went just adults one night and it was amazing! I have not been on any of the big kid rides in years and I forgot how fun they were! Space Mountain is for sure my favorite. My mom also met up with me one day and we discovered the best Disneyland treat---the matterhorn macaroon. amazing. 

Casey's sister Kelly and his mom Christy came into town at the beginning of September. I met them at the Aquarium of the Pacific one day and it was awesome! Chase loves being with his cousins--since he doesn't have any here :( We also went swimming and to the beach with them. 

My cousin Andrew had his mission homecoming so we drove up to Agoura Hills on Sunday for that. It was a journey but so worth it! I love homecomings because it is so crazy how much they change and their amazing testimonies of the Gospel. 

Chase started playschool! He did a little bit of playschool last spring after I had Jimmy and then he took the summer off. 
And of course we have been frequenting the beach! It's still so hot here so we have to survive somehow:)

 just a HUGE blowout on my way to the aquarium. 

 Jim and Jimmy :)

 surfing with my little brother Chad

 first time in a big high chair!

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