Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jimmy Turns ONE !

I am still in denial that this happened. It has been almost a month!!
We celebrated all weekend for Jimmy boy!
On Friday (his actual bday) we had a little party at the park with donuts, cupcakes and juice. I last minute decided to do a party. It was very low-key. I went all out with Chase's party and it was way too stressful for me. This was just perfect!
On Saturday we went up to Crystal Cove for a bike ride and burgers (lettuce burgers for us- whole30). That night my Mom, Dad and sister Becca came down for dinner and dessert. Becca made Jimmy the cutest little cake. He LOVED it! a little too much. Chase also had his own little cake as well.
Sorry for so many pictures! I just can't get enough of my baby Jimmy! Can he just stay one forever?!!!

 Jimmy stats:

-no walking just crawling and scaling furniture
-8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom)
-little blonde curls- pretty bald on the top
-loves pretty much all food especially avocados, blueberries, cheerios, pirates booty
-nursing only once a day (mornings)
-Drinking cows milk
-favorite toys: balls, anything with wheels
-If Chase is not in the car he just stares at his carseat
-Has a death grip when he gets what he wants
-starting to fight back with Chase
-Gives open mouth kisses
-Says Mama, Dada
-Waves Bye 
-loves to cuddle
-Sucks on his middle fingers to help him sleep

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ANDERSON Family Christmas and New Year's !

Since we were in Utah for Christmas we celebrated with my family on New Year's Day. My brother and his wife Rachel came up and my sisters were in town. We all stayed at my parents for a couple of days. One day we went to Ventura and road bikes around the boardwalk, ate the best fish tacos and had some yummy ice cream. The next day we hiked the Hollywood sign (So fun!) and then went to our favorite Chinese food place in China Town. We also were able to go to a Clipper game! My parents neighbor gave us his tickets one night.  It was so great to spend a few days with my family doing LA touristy things that we never do!

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