Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Saturday, May 24, 2014


We have been trying to keep ourselves quite busy while we are just waiting for our house to sell. This limbo stage is really not fun. We have to keep the house perfectly clean ALL THE TIME because we constantly have people coming to see the house. We have probably had over 30 people come see it and still NO OFFERS! It's so hard to have patience. 
Anyways, so here is what we have been up to…

-lots of days spent at the park (we love to just grab lunch and go hang out)
-Chase had Hand, Foot & Mouth disease last week- not fun :(
-bikes rides 
-lots of grilling for dinner!
-we finally hiked all of Big Springs. We usually give up and turn around
-We took a day trip to Slc and went to Scheels to see the fish and other fun stuff
-Mother's day I got a Blendtec! life changing. Thanks husband :)

And now it's Memorial Day weekend and we are so excited to have Dad with us for an extra day!

 sick baby :(

 Utah is so pretty!
 my babes

 he tried to kiss abe haha

 Fruit Pizza I made for Mother's Day! so good

 Yogurtland together

Tree pose at Scheels 

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Friday, May 23, 2014


Every now and then I read a book that I kind of become obsessed with. And then when I find out they are making it into a movie with one of my favorite actresses and I start to freak out a little. Enter "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. You guys, you NEED to read this book! I seriously loved it so much. It was the perfect amount of funny, serious, sad and entertaining. The book is basically about two teenagers who have cancer and fall in love. It is not a typical sad love story though. It is written so creatively and with a great sense of humor. Trust me you will not regret reading this one!

Oh and that fact that they are making it into a movie coming out the beginning of June makes it all the better. Shailene Woodley (Divergent) is the main character and I love her. She is such a good actress in my opinion. The book is always better than the movie but the director wrote the screenplay himself so hopefully it doesn't stray far from the book. And the trailer has the most views a trailer has ever had on you tube. Check it out! If you don't read the book at least just watch the trailer :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day!

This was my second Mother's Day! Now that I am a mother I have so much more appreciation for all of the mothers out there. It is such a hard and rewarding job. I often wonder how my mom had five kids! and how my grandma had seven! I have always looked up to these women in my life but now I look up to them even more. Mother's Day is such a great holiday in my opinion! I love this quote from  Elder Neal L. Maxwell,

"God trust women so much that he lets them bear and care for his spirit children"

What an awesome role we have as mothers! I would not want to do anything else in this world but be a mom. I mean I like my job as a nurse (sometimes). It is very demanding(emotionally, mentally,physically) and can be rewarding at times. But being a mom is THE BEST job I could ever ask for. I am forever grateful for the little blessing in my life named Chase! And I hope I can have more soon!

Casey's grandma Anna and his brother Kevin (left), Kelly (middle), Casey (right). 

Chase and Grammy

 Grandma Holiday
 Grandma Anderson, Me and (chase in my belly)

 Casey's grandma Alma

 Casey's mom with her mom Anna
Casey's mom Christy :)

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: Carrot, Strawberry and Pineapple Smoothie!

Sorry I haven't done a post like this in forever!!


(all rough measurements since I just guess when making smoothies)

-1 cup of carrot juice (I use Bolthouse brand-Costco,Target)
-a couple of fresh pineapple spears
-two handfuls of cut up strawberries
-one handful of ice

Blend away and enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Playa del Carmen, MEXICO GoPro Movie!

Here is my movie I made of our trip to Mexico! It took me longer than I thought since we had so much footage I had to go through.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Last Thursday we had GNO with my sisters and our friend Whitney and saw Ellie Goulding in concert! We went up to Settebello in Salt Lake for dinner (the best authentic thin crust pizza!) and then we headed out to the concert. It was at Saltair which is not my favorite place but it sure was pretty! There were lots of strange people there. It made me remember why I don't go to those kind of concerts anymore haha. I prefer to have my own designated seat. But once we found a good spot in the back where we had room to dance we had a good time. It made me realize how much I am going to miss my sisters when I move :( I think we need to pack in some more GNOs before that time comes!

I promise Kenz did have a good time haha

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