Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Saturday, May 24, 2014


We have been trying to keep ourselves quite busy while we are just waiting for our house to sell. This limbo stage is really not fun. We have to keep the house perfectly clean ALL THE TIME because we constantly have people coming to see the house. We have probably had over 30 people come see it and still NO OFFERS! It's so hard to have patience. 
Anyways, so here is what we have been up to…

-lots of days spent at the park (we love to just grab lunch and go hang out)
-Chase had Hand, Foot & Mouth disease last week- not fun :(
-bikes rides 
-lots of grilling for dinner!
-we finally hiked all of Big Springs. We usually give up and turn around
-We took a day trip to Slc and went to Scheels to see the fish and other fun stuff
-Mother's day I got a Blendtec! life changing. Thanks husband :)

And now it's Memorial Day weekend and we are so excited to have Dad with us for an extra day!

 sick baby :(

 Utah is so pretty!
 my babes

 he tried to kiss abe haha

 Fruit Pizza I made for Mother's Day! so good

 Yogurtland together

Tree pose at Scheels 

 photo DSC00184_zps2b214882.png


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