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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day!

This was my second Mother's Day! Now that I am a mother I have so much more appreciation for all of the mothers out there. It is such a hard and rewarding job. I often wonder how my mom had five kids! and how my grandma had seven! I have always looked up to these women in my life but now I look up to them even more. Mother's Day is such a great holiday in my opinion! I love this quote from  Elder Neal L. Maxwell,

"God trust women so much that he lets them bear and care for his spirit children"

What an awesome role we have as mothers! I would not want to do anything else in this world but be a mom. I mean I like my job as a nurse (sometimes). It is very demanding(emotionally, mentally,physically) and can be rewarding at times. But being a mom is THE BEST job I could ever ask for. I am forever grateful for the little blessing in my life named Chase! And I hope I can have more soon!

Casey's grandma Anna and his brother Kevin (left), Kelly (middle), Casey (right). 

Chase and Grammy

 Grandma Holiday
 Grandma Anderson, Me and (chase in my belly)

 Casey's grandma Alma

 Casey's mom with her mom Anna
Casey's mom Christy :)

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