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Monday, February 22, 2016


For those who don't know, I decided to go back to school last September and I am just finishing up my first term (6 month terms). 
I have finished 25 credits in 6 months! and I only have 16 credits left!
I am getting my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.
It hasn't been too bad since I was able to transfer around 70 credits in from having my RN license and from my Bachelor's in Exercise Science degree from BYU.

So WHY am I doing this?
Pretty much all of the hospitals in California require all nurses to have a Bachelor's in Nursing. 
so LAME! 
Especially since I already have 3 years experience working in the hospital and all nurses take the same licensure test. Oh well. 
It is kind of a means to and end for me.

My ultimate goal is to become a lactation consultant (help new moms learn to breastfeed). 
And although it is not a prerequistite to be a Nurse, it gives you a huge advantage especially if you have worked in labor/delivery, postpartum or NICU.....which I have not :(

So this is why I am finishing my nursing degree. I need to get a hospital job working in any of those areas so that I can acrue contact hours with new moms. In order to sit for the exam to become a lactation consultant, you need these hours. 
Plus I really want to work in the NICU, postpartum or labor/delivery anyways.

Ever since becoming a mom I have felt extra passionate about breastfeeding and promoting it. I also would love to just work with new babies and moms. Helping with the whole process and taking care of them would be so awesome! I feel like I can really relate since I have had two babies. 

So lets hope I can finish this degree soon and maybe get a hospital job before I decide to have another baby! If not, my time will come. This is my 10 year plan so if it doesn't happen soon it WILL happen eventually. When I get my mind set on something I make it happen. 
So current goal is to finish those 16 credits before JUNE!


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Saturday, February 20, 2016

January Adventures: LA JOLLA & BIG BEAR!

 In January we went a couple little family adventures.
First for Martin Luther King Jr. Day we headed down to La Jolla and went to the Scripps Aquarium. It isn't the biggest but it is situated up on the cliff and has the prettiest view! 
Plus they have tons of interactive things for the kids to do.
 After we headed down to La Jolla Beach and walked around, got lunch and saw the Sea Lions.
Every time we go down south we always ask ourselves why we don't go down there more often! 
It's so close and there are so many fun things to do in San Diego!

Another weekend in January, our friends Kirk and Kelli invited us up to their family's house in Big Bear. I hadn't been up there since I was a baby. I couldn't believe how close it is! a little over 2 hours. so crazy we live that close to the beach and the snow!
The kids went sledding, the boys skied half-day, we went hot tubbing, went out to dinner and played games at night. 
It was a perfect little weekend getaway!

Here's to more exploring and taking advantage of where we live !

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