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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bottom of the Barrel

I usually don't do posts like this but I was listening to Pandora the other day and this song came on by Amos Lee. If you haven't heard of him check him out. My best friend Ariana introduced me to him when he opened for Bob Dylan's show back in high school. Anyways, the reason I love this song is because it just reminds us to be positive. And that when you hit the bottom the only place to go is back up! 

"Bottom Of The Barrel"
I keep on livin',
to keep from cryin'.
I keep on dreamin',
to keep from dyin'.
I keep on trying,
I aint gonna stop.

Get right down to the bottom of the barrel and float back on top.

We all know someone,
whos always hurtin',
The sun is shinin', 
they draw the curtain. 
One thing for certain,
the pain aint gonna stop. 

You get right down to the bottom of the barrel and float back on top.

Cuz i know the grass,
is always greener in someone else's yard. 
And the world is so much meaner,
when your heart is hard.

I go out walkin',
in any season.
It could be rainin',
it could be freezin'.
I don't need no reason,
it's just so pleasin'.
And i can't stop. 

You get right down to the bottom of the barrel and float back on top.

you get right down to the bottom of the barrel and float back on top!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Escape from the cold!

Right after New Years Case and I took a quick down to the warmer state of California to see my family. We were not able to go down there for the holidays due to my work schedule--2nd year in a row :( #dontbeanurse. It was perfect timing though because the temperatures in Utah started to plummet rapidly! California was not extremely warm but 60 degrees sure feels warm when you are used to 10 degrees! 

My mom left up the Christmas tree for us!

I spent my mornings outside reading and eating oatmeal. I really miss this view. 

Lunch with the girls. We tried out this trendy new place called Umami Burger in Pasadena. I guess there are a couple of them in the LA area. It was super good! a little overpriced though and way too trendy. 

I thought it would be a fun idea to go visit the Norton Simon Museum. They had Van Gogh's self portrait on loan from D.C. We invited Grandma Anderson to join us on our cultural activity. 

This sculpture was called " Statue of a Pregnant Woman". Naturally I couldn't help myself. 

 Grandma really enjoying the artwork :)

I always tell Casey how amazing LUCKY BOY breakfast burritos are and he still had not had one in the 4 years we've known each other. So we finally decided to go! Needless to say he loved it! If you are ever near Pasadena you must try one!

My parents surprised us and took us on a tour of DODGER STADIUM. Casey is a huge dodger fan and ever since joining the family everyone else seems to be as well. We do in fact live 15 minutes from the stadium. 

 Beautiful La Canada. Home sweet home

 We decided to head down to Seal Beach one day. I can't go home without seeing the ocean at least once. Even If I can't surf I still just want to smell the salty air!  My dad thought it was a good idea for the boys to bike to the beach while we drove. What he thought was a 30 mile ride ended up being 60 miles and taking 5 hours. No one was very happy with him after....

California was a much needed escape from the Utah winter! The last trip before the baby comes! Well I did have a baby shower planned in February but we had to cancel that due to me being on bed rest now :)  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holiday Catch Up

So this is a catch up from the Holidays. I have been pretty bad a blogging lately. But now that I'm not working and on bed rest I will have a lot of time to blog! SO get ready. Here is just what we have been up to during December. 
Our annual girls christmas party! We had soup and did a gift exchange this year. Next year is going to be sad because almost everyone is moving away :(

Trip to ikea to get more furniture for the house

watching the classic Christmas movies from my childhood and  trying to be domestic...

 I made Avalanche Bark just like they have at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I attempted carmels. They turned out a little soft but still good.

 as much as I don't like the cold the mountains sure are pretty this time of year. 
 We started up The SweaterFest Party again! It's going to be an annual thing at our house. We had a great turn out. We had tons of food and did a White Elephant gift exchange too. 

Christmas Eve we started a new tradition and went to In-n-out and then went bowling with the family 

 I kind of failed on Christmas Day and didn't take many pictures. I was supposed to work the whole day and I ended up getting called off the first half of the shift--it was a Christmas Miracle!!! So we got to wake up together and open presents. Then we had breakfast at the Kirklands and I went into work at noon. It turned out to be a lot better day than expected! 

I was 25 Weeks on December 25th!

Christmas week was nice because Casey had a lot of time off work and so did I so we were able to hang out. We of course did Trader Joes run to SLC!