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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Holiday Catch Up

So this is a catch up from the Holidays. I have been pretty bad a blogging lately. But now that I'm not working and on bed rest I will have a lot of time to blog! SO get ready. Here is just what we have been up to during December. 
Our annual girls christmas party! We had soup and did a gift exchange this year. Next year is going to be sad because almost everyone is moving away :(

Trip to ikea to get more furniture for the house

watching the classic Christmas movies from my childhood and  trying to be domestic...

 I made Avalanche Bark just like they have at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I attempted carmels. They turned out a little soft but still good.

 as much as I don't like the cold the mountains sure are pretty this time of year. 
 We started up The SweaterFest Party again! It's going to be an annual thing at our house. We had a great turn out. We had tons of food and did a White Elephant gift exchange too. 

Christmas Eve we started a new tradition and went to In-n-out and then went bowling with the family 

 I kind of failed on Christmas Day and didn't take many pictures. I was supposed to work the whole day and I ended up getting called off the first half of the shift--it was a Christmas Miracle!!! So we got to wake up together and open presents. Then we had breakfast at the Kirklands and I went into work at noon. It turned out to be a lot better day than expected! 

I was 25 Weeks on December 25th!

Christmas week was nice because Casey had a lot of time off work and so did I so we were able to hang out. We of course did Trader Joes run to SLC! 


  1. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever, Ash! So glad you're okay. That was quite the scare!