Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Thursday, September 22, 2016

JIMMY at 18 Months

I seriously can't get enough of this kid!
His faces kill me! 
So Jimmy turned 18 months in July so I am a little behind. This kid is so much fun! He is starting to get a little sassy/determined side but it's ok because he is so cute. I definitely see more of myself in Jimmy. He is not as outgoing and talkative as Chase was at that age. He is more sensitive, shy and cuddly. But he has a feisty side too. 

Some Jimmy Stats:
-Height: 32 inches (15%)
-Weight: 27 lbs (77%)
-Head Circumference: 19 inches (86%)
-Doesn't talk much, says: Dada, Mama, Ball, thank you, Water, a variation of Buzz Lightyear,  No and lately says "why" because I always say that when he does something wrong. haha. 
-Loves to wrestle Chase and Dad
-Loves to take baths and thinks he can swim
-Way more brave of a swimmer than Chase was (this is not a good thing right now)
-Got his helmet off a few weeks ago!
-Likes to eat berries, all carbs, bacon, avocado, yogurt and apple sauce
-Favorite Movie: Minions and Toy Story
-Crawls up and down stairs, like to run away from me
-Sucks on his two middle fingers to go to sleep 
-Takes one nap usually from 1230/1-4pm
-Sleeps all night 730pm-730am
-Loves being in Nursery at Church with his big brother. He steals everyones food during snack time because he can't sit still in his own seat. haha. 

We love our Jimbo!

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