Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Monday, August 31, 2015


I have been so bad at keeping up on this blog so this is a big catch up of what we have been up to. I can't believe summer is over. It's still SO SO hot here though. I guess September is usually the hottest month. It's kind of nice not having kids in school because now is the best time for the beaches and parks! they are empty! it's amazing. Here is what we have been up to....

 Did a surf day at Malibu with the family 

 My sister Kenz is the master at getting Jimmy to fall asleep on her 

 My cousin Paige got married so I took Jimmy with me and went to the sealing

 San Clemente Ocean Fest

 My aunts with Jimmy
 my cousins on the Holiday side came to visit my parents
 Mormon night at Angel Stadium

 Jimmy's first solids!

 my friend Ariana came to visit for the day!

 Three Arch Beach Day with Friends

 Sano Friday night bonfire!

Trolley Ride in Laguna Beach!

 My cousin Jake's Mission Farewell!

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

One Year Later

I've been meaning to do this post for a whole month now :( Oh well, better late than never. 
So it has been exactly one year, one month and one day since we moved here to San Clemente! I can't believe how fast and slow at the same time that seems. It's amazing how much has changed in one year. When we moved I was pregnant with Jimmy and now he is almost 7 months old. We also moved again within San Clemente. So in one year we had a baby and moved fun. 

I really like where we are at right now. The new house is much better than the first. We have a bigger yard and a community pool which is so nice during the hot summer!
We have more friends than I ever thought possible and it makes life so much fun. 
I have a great group of moms that get together almost every day for the beach, park or pool. 

Of course we miss having all of Casey's family close and Chase really misses his cousins but we have found time to make frequent trips to Utah. My sister Becca just moved to Dana Point so it is nice to have family close now! And we see my parents a lot because they are only an hour or so away. 

San Clemente has been real good to us! I still can't believe I live this close to the beach. I was land locked in Utah for eight years and I seriously thought I would be there forever. I do miss so many things about Utah. It is such a great place to live. 

As for now we are just soaking up the California lifestyle. We have gone to the beach almost every day this week. Who knows how long we will be here. I think the plan is forever if we can make it happen :)

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Monday, August 3, 2015

So my cousin and his wife are starting up a videography business up in Santa Cruz, CA. They came down to visit us one weekend and filmed this AWESOME movie of me surfing and hanging on the beach with my boys. They are super talented. HERE is their website. 

Check it out!

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