Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chase's birth story video!

I made this video for Casey for Father's Day and surprised him. He loved it! I'm just trying out iMovie and I'm not very good. Hopefully this isn't my first movie and I will get better. Sorry if this is a little bit cheesy. The first song is one that used to always be on the radio when I was trying to get pregnant (it took 1.5 years). So I thought it was fitting for this video ( I know it's cheesy). But I thought I would share! 

chases birth story from ashley kirkland on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a new goal

There is a saying that I like that says there are three things you need in life to be happy. They are as follows...

1. Something to do 
2. Someone to love
3. Something to look forward to

I have always like this because it is so simple! But it's amazing how those things really make you happy. The "something to do" really changes when you have a baby. Of course I have something to do everyday now! Take care of my baby. But it is nice to have other things too. That's why I'm so glad I still work as a nurse--luckily only a few times a month.  Even though I don't really love my job I do love getting out of the house, socializing with adults (I love the people I work with) and using my nursing skills. Which brings me to my newest goal. This could be years away but I think it's always good to have goals.
I am going to be a Lactation Consultant/Specialist!
For those of you who don't know what this is (you probably haven't had a baby). They are the ones that come in and teach you how to breastfeed. They help you with any problems you might have and teach you ways to overcome the obstacles of breastfeeding. They were seriously lifesavers for me! When Chase was in the NICU I always fed him and they were right there to help me! I still need to research what I need to do to make this happen. Once all my kids are in elementary school I want to work more and this is what I want to do! I know this goal is kind of a long ways off but I'm still pretty excited to make it happen:)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Here are some pictures from my iphone of what we have been  up to these days...

 shopping with baby. He was really excited obviously

 cousin love with Benson

 Trying out the Bumbo for the first time--He still has mixed feelings

the many faces of Chase
 It's been so nice lately that we like to just take a blanket and go lay in the backyard.
Chase loves then breeze. 

Pretty much every morning we cuddle in bed and he is always so smiley! I think it's his happiest time of day. 

 National Donut Day! I couldn't pass this one up

 I'm still trying to lose the pregnancy pounds. Whoever said breastfeeding helps you lose weight is a liar! I think it helps with the initial pounds but the last ones are not coming off! I feel like my body can't afford to lose them and still feed a baby. It's kind of frustrating. So now I'm just trying to focus on getting toned and not so much on the number on the scale :)
 Typical breakfast of oatmeal and lots of water!

 Summer baby!

 Walks up the canyon!

 Casey and I have been trying to eat really healthy (well just during the weekdays-we splurge on the weekends) So instead of ice cream as a treat we have been obsesssed with Red Mango lately! The pineapple and coconut flavors are amazing! We seriously go almost weekly...
 Becs and I tried out Communal for Breakfast. We have a Saturday morning breakfast tradition and we are kind of getting sick of the usual Marleys or Kneaders. We really liked it!

 Chase and I comparing tans

 Happy boy ready for church

 Can you believe this kid is 3 months old!!
Time really does fly by. It makes me sad that he is not an infant anymore :( But it is so much fun to see him start smiling and talking. I weighed him with me on the scale this morning and he is up to 14 lbs! so proud of my little man!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chase's Newborn Pictures

I had these taken when Chase was just two weeks old. I just have not gotten around to posting them. Here are a few of my favorites! Casey's friend from high school took them. She is amazing with babies! It's seriously an art taking infant pictures. You can find her HERE.  I'm so glad I had these taken--I'm for sure doing this with all my babies :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Utah Summer Bucket List

1. Make homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt 
2. Learn how to be a grill master
3. Go on some new hikes
4. Picnic in the park Mondays 
5. Hike the y with chase
6. Bluebird concert series at Sundance
7. Park city day trip
8. Paddle board Utah lake or deer creek
9. Do a triathlon 
10. Find the best shaved ice 
11. Discover a taco truck 
12. Start a garden 
13. Tinfoil dinners up canyon 
14. S'mores 
15. Scera Shell Concert/Movie/Musical 
16. Go to more Farmer's Markets
17. Go to a festival of some kind
18. Go to a rodeo
19. Get strawberries and cream from Strawberry Days
20. Take Chase swimming for the first time!