Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chase's birth story video!

I made this video for Casey for Father's Day and surprised him. He loved it! I'm just trying out iMovie and I'm not very good. Hopefully this isn't my first movie and I will get better. Sorry if this is a little bit cheesy. The first song is one that used to always be on the radio when I was trying to get pregnant (it took 1.5 years). So I thought it was fitting for this video ( I know it's cheesy). But I thought I would share! 

chases birth story from ashley kirkland on Vimeo.


  1. Ash, that was so cute!! I got all teary eyed with the song!! How cute!! Good job

  2. Ohh! This is so sweet! I bet Casey loved getting this for Father's day! It will be so fun to have this down the road 20 years... awesome job!!