Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Utah Summer Bucket List

1. Make homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt 
2. Learn how to be a grill master
3. Go on some new hikes
4. Picnic in the park Mondays 
5. Hike the y with chase
6. Bluebird concert series at Sundance
7. Park city day trip
8. Paddle board Utah lake or deer creek
9. Do a triathlon 
10. Find the best shaved ice 
11. Discover a taco truck 
12. Start a garden 
13. Tinfoil dinners up canyon 
14. S'mores 
15. Scera Shell Concert/Movie/Musical 
16. Go to more Farmer's Markets
17. Go to a festival of some kind
18. Go to a rodeo
19. Get strawberries and cream from Strawberry Days
20. Take Chase swimming for the first time!


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