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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I usually don't do posts like this but I just wanted to get this info out there. So, as we all know, Plato's Closet is the biggest joke ever. They never take the good stuff. The only clothes they ever buy from me are from Forever 21 or Target. I do not get them at all. And the most money I ever get from there is on average around $12.oo. Plus, you have to walk around and look at lame, ugly clothes while you wait. It would be nice if they at least had cute stuff to buy at reasonable prices.....WELL, I have found a solution. Its location is not the greatest but if you are ever in the Salt Lake area you need to visit Name Droppers. This was my first time there so I did not bring anything to sell but I did find some great stuff. All their clothes are name brand designs that you would find at stores like Anthropologie, Nordstrom or Lohmanns. Most of their clothes still has the tags and they have a huge clearance section in the back. Another plus is that the girls who work there are really helpful and way nice, unlike the sassies at Platos. Here are some pictures of what I found. and click here for the Name Droppers site

Joe's Jeans Provocatuer- $35.oo (still had tags on them)
Free People Top- $11.oo

{ Island Park for the 4th }

This is a little bit delayed. Oh well. So for the 4th of July Casey and I went to Island Park, ID with Casey's family. It was lots of fun! It was actually warm this year, which was a great contrast from last year. We were just there for a couple of days and we spent them out on the lake, playing games at night and enjoying the spectacular firework show over the water.

So many boats in the water, all to see the fireworks

the A-frame church building. It is so crowded on 4th of july weekend that people have to sit outside on the grass and listen to the speakers outside.

lil red
Attempting to go rope-less.
Finally did it, last year I refused to try.

Friday, July 9, 2010

How to Win Friends & Influence People

This is seriously an awesome book. No matter what profession you go into or whatever you do with your life, this book applies to you. Casey made me read it because he sometimes thinks that I need to be more friendly and outgoing, especially around people that I just meet. It has taken me almost a year to actually read the whole thing...hhaha. It's not long, just not one of those book s that you can sit down and read all day. Anyways, here are some great quotes from it:

"Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of him"

"There is one all-important law of human conduct. If we obey that law, we shall almost never get into trouble. In fact, that law, if obeyed, will bring us countless friends and constant happiness. But the very instant we break the law, we shall get into endless trouble. The law is this: Always make the other person feel important...the desire to be important is the deepest urge in human nature"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

park city

My aunt Jody and her husband ran in the Ragnar race this past weekend and asked us to be volunteers in exchange for a room at the Waldorf Astoria. duuuhhhhh YES! It was such a nice hotel, it reminded me of our honeymoon. SO the night before we met up with some friends, Chris and Taryn, Ben and Liz, to get some dinner and do the alpine slides. The next day our shift to volunteer wasn't till 4pm so we had all day to go get some breakfast, shop at the outlets and just relax by the pool. It was a great weekend !