Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{ Island Park for the 4th }

This is a little bit delayed. Oh well. So for the 4th of July Casey and I went to Island Park, ID with Casey's family. It was lots of fun! It was actually warm this year, which was a great contrast from last year. We were just there for a couple of days and we spent them out on the lake, playing games at night and enjoying the spectacular firework show over the water.

So many boats in the water, all to see the fireworks

the A-frame church building. It is so crowded on 4th of july weekend that people have to sit outside on the grass and listen to the speakers outside.

lil red
Attempting to go rope-less.
Finally did it, last year I refused to try.


  1. nice job going rope-less, you look great!!!!

  2. Ash! First of all.. you are such a teeny little thing and I just love you. Second, J and I were talking and thinking it would be fun to go up to one of the cabins sometime in the fall with some married's for the weekend. Let's do it!!!