Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Friday, September 30, 2011

FALL wish list!

Bali Studs Watch....La Mer
Texting gloves....Fred Flare
Hinged Owl Necklace...Fred Flare
Stealth Bomber Jacket...Volcom

Chambray shirt....Jcrew

Cowl neck poncho...Jcrew

Hazelnut latte sweater...modcloth
city cowgirl boot...modcloth

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sundance and Football

Lately our weekends have been consumed of football, me working too much, Sunday drives up the canyon and my parents coming in to town to visit! Nothing beats fall time in Utah.

This is from the first BYU home game of the season. It was a bad game for those who all know the outcome. But I thought this American Flag was pretty awesome!

Becca bleeds blue.
Sundance is seriously one of my favorite places in the world.

mis padres
Did anyone know that there are hikes that you can do when you take the chairlift up?? We discovered some really cool ones. There is one that takes you to Stewart Falls and another that goes to the back of the mountain. The one we did was a short loop that took us back to the chairlift. It had awesome views of the mountains/valley.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Labor Day Weekend and Lately

This is way overdue. Oh well. So for Labor Day weekend I scored and got a ride with friends to California and a cheap flight on my way back. It was a nice little break right after taking my NCLEX (RN boards). I was able to go surfing with my Dad and Chad, shopping with Mac and my Mom, go to Rachel Lange's wedding! and finally go swimming in our pool! (my family moved a year ago...kinda sad).
Rach and Cam's first dance! They are precious
Americana with Mac Daddy
our lil photographer got this just right with the fountain in full action.
I found out I passed the NCLEX! then celebrated with shopping, dinner and a movie. I couldn't ask for more.
Country Kitchen breakfast burrito in Malibu after surf sesh = heaven on earth.
Chadders and I waiting for our breakfast
crowded but fun
Chad after his practice game. I finally have a brother that plays football!

I came back home on Sunday and on Labor Day Case and I went to Park City with Scott and Whit and Kim and Craig. We strolled down main street and had lunch at this great little outdoor restaurant.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Case's Birthday and Ben+Sami's Wedding!!

I totally forgot to do a post for Casey's 28th Birthday! The same day, his best friend Ben Truman got married to a fabulous girl names Sami Barker. It was a great little ceremony. Between the Temple and the luncheon we took a tour to the top of the Church Building and got to see a sweet view. We are super excited about Ben and Sam getting married! Now we can hang out even more!

Later that week we had some birthday celebrations for my main man. We went up to Gateway and got dinner with a bunch of friends.
Earlier that day I took Case to lunch at Pizza Factory...little did I know that they have this amazing Pazookie Dessert. It was heaven! If you go, get the one with oatmeal chocolate-chip. yummm

Friday, September 9, 2011

Movie Review: THE DEBT

I saw this great movie last week while I was home with my parents. It was a little on the suspenseful side but so goood! A total must-see. In one sentence the movie is about: A trio of former Mossad agents are haunted by a dangerous secret mission they undertook over three decades ago. The main actress (the younger version of Helen Mirren) Jessica Chastain is amazing. She is my new obsession. She was also in The Tree of Life with Brad Pitt and The Help (see pic below). So if you are up to a good suspenseful drama full of twists you should definitely see this one!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pinning Ceremony!

This is a bit overdue. I am way behind on all my blogging. For nursing school we have graduation but not until October, in the meantime we do what is called a "Pinning Ceremony". It used to be called a "Capping Ceremony"--but that was when most nurses were Female and they wore those cool looking white caps (think Pearl Harbor).
My parents came up from California for this momentous event. I am so grateful that they made the journey just for me.
all my friends attempted a jumping picture...
all my supporters while I was in nursing school
My friend Kels