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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Labor Day Weekend and Lately

This is way overdue. Oh well. So for Labor Day weekend I scored and got a ride with friends to California and a cheap flight on my way back. It was a nice little break right after taking my NCLEX (RN boards). I was able to go surfing with my Dad and Chad, shopping with Mac and my Mom, go to Rachel Lange's wedding! and finally go swimming in our pool! (my family moved a year ago...kinda sad).
Rach and Cam's first dance! They are precious
Americana with Mac Daddy
our lil photographer got this just right with the fountain in full action.
I found out I passed the NCLEX! then celebrated with shopping, dinner and a movie. I couldn't ask for more.
Country Kitchen breakfast burrito in Malibu after surf sesh = heaven on earth.
Chadders and I waiting for our breakfast
crowded but fun
Chad after his practice game. I finally have a brother that plays football!

I came back home on Sunday and on Labor Day Case and I went to Park City with Scott and Whit and Kim and Craig. We strolled down main street and had lunch at this great little outdoor restaurant.


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