Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Those Christmas lights..."

Wow we have been awfully busy this holiday season. With me working Christmas eve eve and Christmas eve it seemed like Christmas day caught me by surprise. Here is just a bunch of pics of what we have been up to this past week...
Casey's work is his team :)

Case jokes that I only wear that red coat at his work parties and to see the lights at Temple Square...turns out I actually found a raffle ticket from last year's party in my pocket!

our lights!....too bad it never snowed :(

more decorations...

I started a new tradition for myself...homemade apple cinnamon granola. It was delicious!

Church on Christmas Day

the whole fam.

borrowing Cole's bowtie

He loved my gift.

wow I'm pale.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wintertime happenings

As of lately:

-I finally convinced Casey to get breakfast with me one Saturday morning. We chose Village Inn. very delish
-Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert at Temple Square (pictures to come)
-Me working full-time! I'm finally getting used to the 12 hour shifts at the same time enjoying only working 3 days a week
-my cousin Whitney's Baby Shower! baby girl coming in February! so excited
-my cousin Jace's Farewell- he is going to Colombia!
-finished all of my Christmas shopping! and wrapped everything today. Feels awesome.
-Bates Christmas Party at Casey's grandparents house in Midway, UT
-Mailed my lil bro Trent's present- He is on his mish in Arizona
-frequently visiting Starbucks to get hot chocolate with Toffee Nut. go try it !! so good.
-looking forward to Christmas! not looking forward to working on Christmas Eve and not seeing my family :(

French toast mmmm..

cute pregnant Whit.


all the grand babies!


christmas shopping at the bookstore.

so good...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving in the sun!

For Thanksgiving this year we were able to go to California and stay at my parents house since they were in Hawaii. It was kind of a different experience to have all my in laws in my house in CA and not have my parents there. But we had lots of fun! We were able to see all of Casey's Dad's side of the family, go surfing, go to the beach!, shop Americana and the MART and just feel the warmth outside!

surfing Thanksgiving morning at Malibu

Thanksgiving at grandma Alma's house.

the whole fam!

the ladies

shopping at the mart!


oh and last but not least we did a little drive by of the "Father of the Bride" house!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something to look forward to...

So my family flew to Hawaii today for Thanksgiving without me so I'm just trying to think of things to look forward to to keep myself from being depressed. The number one thing on my mind these days...

1. It's official...Case and I are going to COSTA RICA. We just bought our tickets (cleaned out the was pretty hard to do:( and confirmed the hotel! I hope January comes sooner than expected. Due to my new job we do not get to go home for Christmas so this trip will have to make up for it :)

2. Thanksgiving in California
So since my family is in Hawaii...we thought it would be a great idea to bring Casey's whole family to California and stay at my house! Plus Casey's Dad's family lives out in Long Beach. We are looking forward to some sunshine and the beach!

last year Thanksgiving at Americana.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

fall FUN catch up! here is a photo overload of what we have been up to lately. Between Halloween, BYU football games, my family coming to town, Casey going all over for work (including Texas and another BYU game) and me taking a little trip home we have taken a lot of pictures. So here they are!

Benson the crazy OWL.

Cole the pirate. arggggg
The OWL and his parents

Cali the scary pirate lady.

Pirate baby June.

One of only crafts I've made. I was pretty proud of myself. I invested in a glue gun and all.

We painted our garage! and the whole foundation of our house with the help of Casey's family.

Hiking up South Fork Canyon with my family. Check out Mac Daddy's Senior Class shirt.

The whole group minus my parents.

So prrrrreettttty.

BYU game

BYU game with my siblings.
Last weekend I went home with Becs. It was so warm!!!! Like a summer day at the beach minus the crowds (I guess people in S. CA get sick of the weather and don't appreciate it like I do).
? I don't know what he is doing
Mercedes drove up with lil Vera and met us at the MART.
check out that babe!

brunch with the girls.
pumpkin french toast! so good

beach day #2. I can't get enough.

Jeffrey Westons wedding reception.

and of at AMERICANA