Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Sunday, November 6, 2011

fall FUN catch up! here is a photo overload of what we have been up to lately. Between Halloween, BYU football games, my family coming to town, Casey going all over for work (including Texas and another BYU game) and me taking a little trip home we have taken a lot of pictures. So here they are!

Benson the crazy OWL.

Cole the pirate. arggggg
The OWL and his parents

Cali the scary pirate lady.

Pirate baby June.

One of only crafts I've made. I was pretty proud of myself. I invested in a glue gun and all.

We painted our garage! and the whole foundation of our house with the help of Casey's family.

Hiking up South Fork Canyon with my family. Check out Mac Daddy's Senior Class shirt.

The whole group minus my parents.

So prrrrreettttty.

BYU game

BYU game with my siblings.
Last weekend I went home with Becs. It was so warm!!!! Like a summer day at the beach minus the crowds (I guess people in S. CA get sick of the weather and don't appreciate it like I do).
? I don't know what he is doing
Mercedes drove up with lil Vera and met us at the MART.
check out that babe!

brunch with the girls.
pumpkin french toast! so good

beach day #2. I can't get enough.

Jeffrey Westons wedding reception.

and of at AMERICANA


  1. ash, you look beautiful! i'm obsessed with your long hair. love you

  2. your garage looks AMAZING! i LOVE the color you chose! miss you guys! xoxo

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! Loved seeing you the other day Ash-- let's all do lunch soon! Miss you!