Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hawaii: The Big Island

We recently went to Hawaii a few weeks ago with my parents and my brother Trent and his wife Ray.  My parents have been going for the past 6 years on this same trip. There is a group of Mormons from southern CA that do a golf tournament every year. We stay at the Mauna Lani Resort on the Big Island. Casey and I have been twice before we had kids. Luckily Casey's mom Christy was willing to babysit Chase so we were able to go this year! Thanks Christy :)

It's such a relaxing trip because we don't really have an agenda besides the two-day golf tournament that the boys are involved in. We typically wake up go work out at the gym or go on a walk, then head to the pool to bask in the sun. Next we get lunch and head back to the pool or beach, go back to our rooms and shower then head to dinner. They have beach cruisers at the hotel that we can ride whenever we want too! This year we did some of the work out classes and beachside yoga. I loved it! 

We also explored the city of Waimea which is up on the mountain. It's so pretty! Kind of like the Park City of Hawaii. Rolling green hills. We also went up to Hawi on a Sunday drive and saw the prettiest lookout. Oh and we had the best food ever! I love fresh fish and it's everywhere in Hawaii. We found the best shaved ice of my life. Big Island Shave Ice. They make their own flavor syrups with fresh fruit! We might have gone three days in a row...

Sorry for the picture overload! I'm super behind on blogging so I'm making up for it.

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Jimmy at 4 Months

Jimmy turned 4 months a week before we went to Hawaii. And boy was he a dream on our trip! I think that boy was made to live in Hawaii. He slept so great! We had a room right by the pool and brought our monitor so we were able to have him nap while we laid out by the pool. 

Here are some Jimmy Facts:

-Weight: 15.6 lbs 53% 
-Height: 24.3 cm 17%
-Head 16.75 cm 81%
-Just started rollin over! (but he is 5 months in a week)
-Loves to nurse
-I did the "cry it out method" last week and he is sleeping through the night except for around 4am where is just fusses for a little then falls back to sleep
-Has been to Mexico, Utah and Hawaii (4 flights)
-Loves to be tickled and cuddled
-Has the cutest giggle ever
-Is such a happy baby
-Takes a nap in his crib in the afternoon when Chase naps--other naps are in his carseat 
-Never spits up but had a projective vomit episode at church today :(
-Loved by his brother Chase who smothers him with hugs and kisses

Jimmy is such a dream right now! He honestly makes me feel more calm when I am around him. He hardly ever cries. Usually just when hungry or tired. If every baby was like Jimmy I might have 5 more! Just kidding.....

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Picking Strawberries in Carlsbad

A couple of Saturdays ago we went down to Carlsbad to pick strawberries with my mom and sister Becca. My brother's wife and her sister and mom were also able to meet up with us too!
The strawberries were the best I have ever had in my entire life! I called it a strawberry buffet because we were just picking and eating as we were walking down the rows haha. Chase loved it! We came home with so many strawberries that we didn't even know what do with them. 
We ended up having friends come over that night to make chocolate covered strawberries and then had strawberry waffles for dinner on Sunday. 
So yummy!
I think strawberries are my favorite fruit :)

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