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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jimmy at 4 Months

Jimmy turned 4 months a week before we went to Hawaii. And boy was he a dream on our trip! I think that boy was made to live in Hawaii. He slept so great! We had a room right by the pool and brought our monitor so we were able to have him nap while we laid out by the pool. 

Here are some Jimmy Facts:

-Weight: 15.6 lbs 53% 
-Height: 24.3 cm 17%
-Head 16.75 cm 81%
-Just started rollin over! (but he is 5 months in a week)
-Loves to nurse
-I did the "cry it out method" last week and he is sleeping through the night except for around 4am where is just fusses for a little then falls back to sleep
-Has been to Mexico, Utah and Hawaii (4 flights)
-Loves to be tickled and cuddled
-Has the cutest giggle ever
-Is such a happy baby
-Takes a nap in his crib in the afternoon when Chase naps--other naps are in his carseat 
-Never spits up but had a projective vomit episode at church today :(
-Loved by his brother Chase who smothers him with hugs and kisses

Jimmy is such a dream right now! He honestly makes me feel more calm when I am around him. He hardly ever cries. Usually just when hungry or tired. If every baby was like Jimmy I might have 5 more! Just kidding.....

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