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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wintertime happenings

As of lately:

-I finally convinced Casey to get breakfast with me one Saturday morning. We chose Village Inn. very delish
-Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert at Temple Square (pictures to come)
-Me working full-time! I'm finally getting used to the 12 hour shifts at the same time enjoying only working 3 days a week
-my cousin Whitney's Baby Shower! baby girl coming in February! so excited
-my cousin Jace's Farewell- he is going to Colombia!
-finished all of my Christmas shopping! and wrapped everything today. Feels awesome.
-Bates Christmas Party at Casey's grandparents house in Midway, UT
-Mailed my lil bro Trent's present- He is on his mish in Arizona
-frequently visiting Starbucks to get hot chocolate with Toffee Nut. go try it !! so good.
-looking forward to Christmas! not looking forward to working on Christmas Eve and not seeing my family :(

French toast mmmm..

cute pregnant Whit.


all the grand babies!


christmas shopping at the bookstore.

so good...


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