Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I've been so bad at blogging lately! I was doing pretty well at posting at least once a week. But now my startup disk is full on my computer so I need to break out the external hardrive and start deleting stuff to put new stuff on. OH and we are officially moving! So that is taking over my life!

Yep, JULY 1ST is the date. 
I'm freaking out. 

And since we are going to be real Californian's now....we decided to trade in my 4Runner (so sad) for the Prius V (the bigger one-kind of like a wagon). We basically had two of the same cars with the Tacoma and 4Runner so now we have the best of both worlds! 50 mpg is pretty awesome. Did you know it will only cost $50 to drive from Provo to LA? CRAZY. 

We are pretty excited to live the beach life but we are going to miss so many people in Utah (all of Casey's family, my siblings/cousins). It will be a good change for us though!
So sorry If you don't see me in the blogging world for the next couple of weeks :(
I've got lots of organzing/selling/throwing stuff away to do- oh and chasing around my toe head toddler named Chase. 
Wish us luck!

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  1. so exciting for you!! did you guys find a house or will you live with your parents for a while! Good luck with everything and if you need a place for Chase to stay for a few days he is always welcome here in NYC! :)

    1. We found a place when we went down last week and we ended up renting out our house!! We need to house swap this fall for sure !!

  2. So exciting for you guys!!! Todd has a prius and LOVES it. We seriously go on road trips so much because it practically costs NOTHING. I love it!

  3. SOOO exciting! Kinda jealous about the weather you will be living in! It's wayyy too hot down here!