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Friday, June 27, 2014

Post-Memorial Day 2014 CA Trip

This post is only about a month late!
We have moved out of our house and now we are staying at Casey's parents for a week so I have some downtime to catch up!

So my cousin Courtney was driving down to CA on her own and invited Chase and I to come along for the ride. Why not! Oh and I had JetBlue points for my flight home so it was basically a free trip to CA! that's how we like it. Casey met up with us and was able to make a few work appointments in LA.

 Looking back at this trip it was actually SUPER important because this is when we found our house that we are renting in San Clemente! After 1 1/2 days of house hunting….it was really exhausting and kind of disheartening. Moving from Utah, you basically double your rent/mortgage and cut your square footage in half :( But you pay for the beach and weather right?! I know we will love it. 

We were able to squeeze a few Dodger games in, a surf sesh at Doheny, a shopping trip to the mart, golfing for Casey and lots of good food! Until next time CA…when we move in to our house ahhhhhhhhh!

 my little brother Chad and Chase

 Post Mart Lunch

 shopping is exhausting 

Chase naps, I lay out

little Puig, Big Puig 

This was a late night for Chase. He stayed asleep during his diaper change and pajamas (never happens!)

That's the new house we are renting in San Clemente!!! ahhhhhh so crazy this is actually happening. 

 photo DSC00184_zps2b214882.png


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