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Sunday, July 6, 2014

15 Month Old Chase!

Look at my handsome little man!
Lately I have been calling him a toddler and not my baby anymore. It makes me so sad! They seriously grow up WAY too fast. 
Chase had his 15 month appointment a couple of weeks ago- NO SHOTS! it was wonderful. Just a friendly little checkup. 

-Height & Weight in the 40%s (going strong since 6 months)
-23 lbs!
-Head in the 80%s (we think he is going to be really smart :)
-Can say around 8 words! (mom, dad, ball, dog, apple, bubbles, papa, night night, agua…)
-Walking like a champ with his belly out
-still has his herniated belly button (we probably have to get surgery next year :(
-loves the water especially splash pads
-getting really good at throwing a ball and stacking cups
-loves cars, trucks and dogs
-Favorite foods: cheese, yogurt, raisins, quesadillas, chocolate milk
-Teeth: still has just 8 (4 top, 4 bottom)
-Still taking two two hour naps a day
-Sleeps 11-12 hour at night - it's amazing

He is getting to be such a fun little guy. It makes me sad that we just moved because he was finally getting to an age where he could actually play with his cousins :( This last week in Utah he was really starting to understand who there were. Bad timing. Oh well. Hopefully he can make some new friends in San Clemente!

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