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Thursday, July 17, 2014

4th of July and Our Last Days in Utah :(

I still can't believe we moved! Being in CA has not really felt real quite yet. My mom, dad, sister and brother have been here a lot helping me unpack and get all situated. They left last night, so now it is finally starting to feel real. But I'll be honest, it kind of just feels like I'm on vacation. We are literally 3 miles from the beach. It is kind of a DREAM. 

I don't have a trip to Utah planned yet and it makes me sad! We left during the best time of year! I wasn't the best at documenting our last days in Utah and the 4th of July. I had a lot on my mind with packing up, getting our house ready for our renters, and preparing us for being homeless for three weeks. We were able to spend some time up at Park City and went on some pretty drives in the canyon. For the 4th we went to the balloon launch in Provo (6:30am-but worth it), spent the afternoon swimming, had a big family BBQ at Casey's parents and were able to go to the Stadium of Fire to see Carrie Underwood. 

Our last days in Utah were spent well! It was so sad to say bye to all of our friends and family! Especially all of Casey's family. All of Chase's seven cousins live in Utah and we took him away from them :( He was just finally getting better at playing with them. I hope they come visit a lot! We have a guest room ;)

 AF Canyon
 Sorry for the bad quality- I just love his little hand on his Papa

 Chase and his cousins

 We will miss those mountains!

 Utah Olympic Park- how have I never been here?! We saw the Canadians practicing on this!

 Deer Valley! So pretty 

 Ready for the pool!

 We loved staying at Grammys

 Stadium of Fire!

Saying bye to my sister before we drove to St George!

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  1. oh could chase get any cuter! The balloon festival looks cool. I remember we tried going last year but it rained and so they couldn't do it! :(