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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our First Week in San Clemente

We have officially been here for a week! Majority of that time Casey has been in Utah for a work conference. Luckily I have had my sister Kenzie and my mom come stay with me to help unpack and get things situated. I don't think I would have gotten anything done without them. 

So far we love San Clemente. We have no complaints. We really lucked out on where we live. A mile away we have this great shopping center with everything we would ever need (trader joes, ralphs, the habit, wahoos, donuts, wells fargo, movie theatre, thai food, sushi…..and it goes on). It is super convenient. And the freeway is close by too. Our only complaint would be that we don't have much room to store stuff. Now I know why everyone is so good at food storage in Utah--because everyone has a basement! Not having a basement really forces you to get rid of things you don't want to store in your garage. 

Sorry all these pictures are of the beach. We literally go everyday. I almost feel guilty not taking advantage of it. I have never lived this close to the beach and it is seriously amazing. It's like free entertainment for Chase. We already bought our annual beach pass and I think it has almost paid itself off. It's so nice because in the summer it doesn't get dark till around 8 so we can still go in the evenings with Casey when he is done working. I'm sure the winter will be a little bit different. 

The only thing I really miss about Utah right now is the people. All of our friends and family :( I miss having people to just call up and hang out with. Hopefully we can make some new friends soon! 

And my brother got engaged to Rachel Holmes! We are so excited and can't wait till November!!!

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  1. SO fun! love that you are spending time at the beach. and I am sure you will make friends quick! Thats the nice thing about church is they are your instant friends.