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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jimmy Turns ONE !

I am still in denial that this happened. It has been almost a month!!
We celebrated all weekend for Jimmy boy!
On Friday (his actual bday) we had a little party at the park with donuts, cupcakes and juice. I last minute decided to do a party. It was very low-key. I went all out with Chase's party and it was way too stressful for me. This was just perfect!
On Saturday we went up to Crystal Cove for a bike ride and burgers (lettuce burgers for us- whole30). That night my Mom, Dad and sister Becca came down for dinner and dessert. Becca made Jimmy the cutest little cake. He LOVED it! a little too much. Chase also had his own little cake as well.
Sorry for so many pictures! I just can't get enough of my baby Jimmy! Can he just stay one forever?!!!

 Jimmy stats:

-no walking just crawling and scaling furniture
-8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom)
-little blonde curls- pretty bald on the top
-loves pretty much all food especially avocados, blueberries, cheerios, pirates booty
-nursing only once a day (mornings)
-Drinking cows milk
-favorite toys: balls, anything with wheels
-If Chase is not in the car he just stares at his carseat
-Has a death grip when he gets what he wants
-starting to fight back with Chase
-Gives open mouth kisses
-Says Mama, Dada
-Waves Bye 
-loves to cuddle
-Sucks on his middle fingers to help him sleep

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