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Friday, February 4, 2011

love her.

So I kind of have a girl crush on Natalie Portman. Ever since seeing her in Garden State I have made an effort to see every movie she is in. Some of my favorites are Closer, Star Wars (why not?), V for Vendetta and Where the Heart Is. So this brings me to her most recent film, THE BLACK SWAN. I want to see it sooo badly, especially since she is up for best actress this year for the Academy Awards. and It is supposed to be a phenomenal film. But there is a problem...I'm pretty sure I can not handle the lesbian sex scene. I've been told that it is quite graphic. There is just something about watching something like that that totally weirds me out.
Anyways, Natalie was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly a couple weeks ago (Case got me a subscription for Christmas) and here are a couple of her photos.
Love her.


  1. randomly, we get entertainment weekly all the time now! it's my guilty pleasure. i LOVED that photo shoot of her! she's GORGEOUS! can i please have her hair?

  2. Yeah Ash, I dont think you would like the Black swan. I didn't see it but Ryan and Chantal did and she hated it. I read the movie synopsis and it sounds pretty bad. Tawny saw it too and did not like it at all.

  3. uh ya i am dying i just can't get myself to see it. i wish i could but i think my views of lesbians might change. haha! man. let's get it censored then watch it.

  4. Ashley, I saw it and it was SUCH a good movie. Natalie Portman was sooo good in it, but that sex scene is... ugh. I could have done without it. And I could have done without the perv sitting next to me... It's worth seeing it if you can avoid that part.