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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween With ELMO

I'm not sure where the obsession with ELMO came from. Maybe it's because of Casey pretending to talk to Chase in an Elmo voice? So I decided to let Chase be Elmo this year. Surprisingly he was the only kid I saw dressed up like Elmo- way to be original Chase!

My parents come down and spent the day with us. Chase was a lot more into Halloween this year than last year. He somewhat got the concept of trick-or-treating and loved saying "bye bye" and "thank you" to every door he got candy from. It was so fun to see my Dad taking Chase door to door and watching him get excited each time. 

Earlier in the morning we met up with friends at the park and shared snacks and a little Halloween craft--that mainly the moms just did haha. Later for dinner my mom made her annual dinner in a pumpkin and then we headed out to trick-or-treat our neighborhood. We had no idea how popular it was to come to our little hood. There are tons of kids that live here in the first place and because its a culdasac there is not much car traffic. We finished the night off with a drive down Barcelona street in downtown San Clemente and some Baskin Robbins! It was a good 2nd Halloween for our little man Chase.

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