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Monday, November 3, 2014

Toddler Chase: 20 Months Young!

This is just a little Chase update. I realized I made a video for when he turned 18 months but I didn't really do an update on what the crazy kid has been up to. I can't believe he is already 20 months in a  few days. That's only 4 months away from being TWO YEARS OLD! ahhh crazy. So here are some stats on my little man:

-He talks A LOT!
-Says "bye bye", "thank you, your welcome" to everyone we see
-Probably knows over 50 words. I started counting one day and gave up
-He can RUN pretty fast
-He can walk up and down one step, still crawls up the stairs
-loves stacking, organizing blocks
-loves to color and draw
-obsessed with Pumpkins right now
-Still loves cars, trucks, tractors, trains
-Most of all loves ELMO and SESAME STREET
-sleeps around 12 hours every night
-take one 3-4 hour nap a day (amazing)
-He loves his bed and hardly ever cries at bedtime
-He loves reading books! sometimes I will catch him sitting by himself flipping through them
-Favorite foods are milk, yogurt, vitamin gummys, berries, grapes, peas, pizza and quesadillas
-He loves to PLAY- and gets really excited about the park
-He is a VERY SOCIAL little guy
-He loves attention. The more people watching him the better

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