Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Monday, June 1, 2009

al pal and sammy are getting married !

So Allison Heyman just got engaged to Samuel Nielsen !! and I had the wondrous honor of taking some pictures for them. I'm so glad they are joining the club of young marrieds. Anyways, I used to do photography in high school and totally forgot how much I love it. If anybody wants to model for me just let me know.


  1. ash these pics are great! wanna take some of me and brandon??

  2. there's a few things i'm excited about here and they're not in this order:
    1. we're finally blog "buddies" thanks ash.
    2. al pal is getting married!
    3. i can be a model

    love you baby

  3. I like picture two and three the best

  4. 1. I like the 2nd the best... so happy in love.

    2. I will model for you.

    3. I love you.

  5. im in for being a model for a day. woot woot. for i have nothing else going on in my life. YES.

  6. those look great ash! add me as your blog buddie!!! miss you, come to the ranch,serriously

  7. Hey Ash. I just found your blog through Becca's. These pictures are beautiful. I didn't realize you were so talented.