Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

walking in a winter wonderland.

our first tree!!

temple square date night. Yes, my hair is brown now.

at the tree lot.

We celebrated with my Mom's side the Sunday before Christmas. Casey wasn't there yet.

The annual Anderson Christmas Party. This is with my Grandpa and his sibling's families. SO we have it at the church because there are so many people.
and of course we get to sit on Santa (Craig Ballard's) lap.

Roscoes: a yearly tradition. then we go see Christmas lights in Pasadena.

of course we needed a jumping picture.

The Americana. Love that place.

Grandma took us to Alvin and the Chimpmunks. Great movie..esp for the little ones.
Casey was shocked I got him Brian Regan tickets.
Ventura Bike Ride !!


  1. love the pics ash! and thanks again for the weekend i stayed with you! it was so great! glad you guys had a good christmas. we must reunite soon :)