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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

weekend trip to CA and Vegas

This post is kinda of overdue....oh well. In July my mother-in-law Christy and sister-in-law Kelly went to CA for a week to visit Alma (my father-in-law's mom) in Long Beach. I took advantage of the situation and flew down one way on Thursday to drive back with them on Saturday. I spent a great couple of days going to the Malibu (the waves were finally good to me), shopping, eating Dodger dogs and hanging out with my family. On Saturday we drove to Vegas, saw the Donny and Marie show, stayed at the Flamingo and took off the next morning. It was a great, needed mini vacation !

the NEW HOUSE! it's almost done.
We had the all you can eat tickets....


  1. Could you please stop taking so many fun trips and posting the pics on your blog and making me so jealous?! haha

  2. brit. you live in a vacation spot !!!

  3. this is in reference to the 5th pic from the top. dodger game. first off, why wasn't i there. second, is that a little half asian boy behind you? maybe he's justin's cousin keeping tabs on em.