Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

birthday shout out to BECCA !

My lil sista Rebecca Elizabeth Anderson turned 21 today !!!! She is legal! woooo woooo!!! She actually just went out and bought some wine from the state liquor store (to cook with...hopefully). Becca has always been such a great sister and friend to me. I really appreciate her in my life. And I'm so happy that she lives close to me! I am especially proud of Becs and her accomplishments in life. She is definitely one to set goals and follow through with them. Right now she is in culinary school at UVU and she works at a cupcake bakery as a little baker! She plans on one day opening a bakery of her own. I hope she has the best birthday ever! LOVE YOU BECS!


  1. thank you for picking the ugliest pictures ever. still love you though. thanks for wonderful post.

  2. Awww! Happy birthday Becca! PS sisters are obligated to pick the worst pics of you so they look better.....

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