Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

only 23 days left!

You heard it. Only 23 days left of nursing school...not that I'm counting or anything. And these 23 days are not going to be easy. For example here is a review of my past and upcoming week:
Friday: Preceptor at the hospital (kind of like an internship)- all day 0530am-8pm
Saturday: Work 2-10pm
Sunday: Church then Work 2-10 pm
Monday: Preceptor all day 0600am-7pm
Tuesday: Class all day
Wednesday: Clinical at the State Mental Hospital 8am-2pm, then Work 2pm-10pm
(that's going to be a long day)
Thursday: Class in the morning, tests in the afternoon
Friday: Preceptor all day

After reviewing all of this I began thinking about what COLLEGE used to be like....Playing in the library and staying till midnight just so we could be there when they blasted the music, not having to work so much, getting attacked by Maddog in the dorms, not having to worry about "really learning" the things in my classes because I knew I would never use them again (hah not the case with NURSING). Man, those were the days!


  1. oh my gosh these pics. we need to get maddog back down to utah ASAP!

    good luck with all the busy days! you can do it ashbash!!!! and you will be the best nurse ever!

  2. ash just think you get two days off in like two weeks and you can just relax with me and lay by the pool when we aren't doing wedding stuff! soo excited to see you! you can do it! love you!

  3. you can do it! not gonna lie, that sounds like the worst week ever!!!! just think... get through it and then we'll be able to play all day in the sun. sounds like heaven.

    biggest joke of my life....
    you're almost done!
    you can do it & i LOVE YOU