Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remember that one time we went to Costa Rica in January 2012...

This Thanksgiving we have the opportunity to go to Costa Rica with my family! We leave in 2 weeks to California then we fly out with everyone to Costa Rica for the week. I am a little terrified to take Chase. Especially since one of the flights is a red eye :( But I think he will have a lot of fun and love the beach as much as we do. 
 Casey and I actually went to the same place in Costa Rica two years ago---TAMARINDO.  I have all this video footage and I finally decided to make a movie with it! It got me so excited about going this year! We did not have the best luck with waves so hopefully it will be better with my family--or the boys will be especially bummed.
 Sometimes I wish that it was colder during Thanksgiving so I could appreciate escaping Utah to warmer climates. I still kind of take it for granted this time of year. But there is nothing like the beach, warm sun and sand between your toes during the holidays!
 Let's just say we are pretty excited about this trip!

Here is the MOVIE!

 photo DSC00184_zps2b214882.png


  1. we had a red-eye to NY and it wasn't too bad! Charley got her own seat since it wasn't a full flight so we actually brought her car-seat onto the plane.. so if you can, when you get to the boarding gate- go to the desk and ask if it's a full flight... if not, ask if you can re-arrange your seats to give you an empty seat by you and bring the car-seat onto the flight. Charley slept the whole night because of the nice vibrations and loud white noise the plane makes. Good luck!