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Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Traditions!

For me the holidays are all about family and traditions! I think that is what makes everything so magical and special. Since being married I have tried to start some of our own Christmas traditions along with carrying on the traditions from both of our families. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Personalizing a Christmas Card
-We did our first Christmas Card last year with Chase being the newest addition to our family. 
-Last year I used TinyPrints and decided to go with them again this year! I like doing the postcard format because it's usually cheaper and requires less postage!
-I haven't sent them out yet so I don't want to leak this year's card quite yet. 
This was last year's card…

2. Sub for Santa
-Casey's work and the hospital that I used to work at in Utah did a program where you picked tags with names and gifts on them (usually a couple of toys/clothes). 
-We spend an evening going to Walmart or Target and purchasing gifts for the kids
-It's so fun to shop for kids that are older than Chase
-This is such an easy way to give back because you can decide how much you want to spend.
-If you can't find a Sub for Santa near you- try searching for an Angel Tree or Toys for Tots

3. Making Avalanche Bark for Neighbors and Friends
-I used to work at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in high school and hands down the best thing they have is Avalanche bark!
-HERE is the recipe I use (try to use GUITTARD white chocolate)
-I learned to make these delicious treats and have been making them every year now!
-I found these super cute gift tag stickers this year to use on the cellophane bags. And they are a pretty good deal as well :)

4. Christmas Lights and In-n-out
-Since Chase is getting a little older he will actually be excited for this! I do a google search to find the best lights near us. In Utah there was a blog that I found that listed all the best houses, including ones that do the synchronized music with lights. Here in Orange County I did the same thing and found a ton!

5. Sugar Cookie Decorating Party
-Since I'm on bed rest I don't think we will do this one this year
-Last year I just pre-made a bunch of sugar cookies and different colors of frosting
-That night I had friends come over and bring some different toppings/sprinkles
-We usually make too many so last year we dropped them off at family, friends and neighbors houses after!

6. Read a new Christmas book every Christmas eve
-I wanted to start this tradition this year since Chase loves reading
-I haven't decided on a book yet but we could always stick with "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
This one looks like a good one too…

7.  Gratitude Advent Calendar
-I just started this one this year
-I bought an advent calendar last year from Target during the after Christmas sale and it's the perfect size
-Instead of candy/treats, I thought it would be a good idea to write little notes and put them in each day.
-Since Chase is too little, Casey and I divided odds and evens and put little notes in each pocket. 
-We wrote nice things about one another and/or things we are grateful for. 

There are so many other traditions you can add to this list! I just didn't want this list to get too long. But I think the most important thing is to remember what the Christmas Season is really about and not to get too caught up in the commercial side of things. We do our best to focus on family and the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

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