Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

one year !

In the spirit of celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY we took a trip to the LA with our good friends Scott and Oakley.

of course......a jumping picture is always necessary.

Next we headed up to good ole Ventura, California. Enjoyed the surf, the sun and some great little bike rides.

One night we drove up the coast to Santa Barbara and took a walk along State St. Had dinner at a great little Italian place. I seriously would not mind living in Santa Barbara someday. It is beautiful.

attempting another jumping picture...the photographer failed.

goodbye California.......until we meet again.


  1. wow, i'm loving that first picture of you guys on the temple steps. i brought up that it was your one year anniversary several times on the trip to arizona. such a good day!

  2. Oh lucky lucky girl!! I'm so its depressing to be back :)

  3. yay! one year! I can't believe how fast that went by.

    j and i have a blog now: check it out woman...

  4. ah ive been waiting to see pics from the trip! so jealous! it looks amazing and WARM. love the one year pics :) you guys are hot